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  • Inorganic pigments (iron oxide)

  • Metallics – for processing in coatings, plastics and special applications

  • Highly opaque, brilliant and weather-resistant bismuth vanadate pigments. Alternative to chrome yellow pigments

  • Dry pigment mixtures according to RAL or customer-specific specifications and lead-free alternatives to lead chromates for a wide range of applications

  • Fluorescent pigments/organic mixed oxides

  • Highly resistant orange/red pigments that are coloristically comparable to cadmium orange/red

  • Colored granules organic, inorganic for colored asphalt

  • Effect pigments - on a natural and synthetic basis 

  • Metal pigments (aluminium, bronze, stainless steel powder, copper, zinc)

  • Pigment mixtures

  • Titanium Dioxide (Chloride, Sulfate, Anatase)

  • Dayglow pigments

  • Vacuum Metallized Pigments

  • Photocatalytic pigments

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