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Natural, functional and
synthetic fillers

  • Aluminosilicate

  • Barium sulfate natural (barite, barite)

  • Barium sulfate precipitated (Blanc Fixe)

  • Fillers based on very light and pure calcium carbonate

  • Fillers based on high-white calcite marble and white dolomite marble

  • Calcium carbonate precipitated (PCC)

  • Calcium sulfate

  • Calcium Hydroxide 

  • Cellulose, fibrous material as a stabilizing additive for asphalt

  • Aluminum oxide

  • Feldspar

  • Filler for mastic asphalt

  • Mica

  • Kaolin (aluminum silicate)

  • Microsilica

  • Lightweight filler (surface treated)

  • Lightweight filler (untreated)

  • Hollow glass spheres 

  • Quartz sand

  • Talc

  • Wollastonite

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