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  • Acrylics

  • Crosslinking (Styrene) Acrylics

  • Solventborne acrylic resins for high performance coating, direct adhesion to plastics and other substrates, for industrial and automotive application

  • Waterborne pure acrylic emulsions for high performance industrial and automotive coatings on various substrates

  • Unique acrylic powders with glycidyl functionality used for automotive aluminium wheel coatings and as effective matting agents for polyester powder coatings

  • Solventborne polyurethane resins for high performance printing inks used for flexible packaging

  • Waterborne polyurethane resin with excellent adhesion and high resistance for various primers and coatings

  • Epoxide, modified epoxyesters and polyester resins designed especially for metal substrates

  • Phenolic resins for can and drum coatings

  • PU/Acrylic dispersions 

  • Vinyl acetate copolymer

  • Styrene Acrylics

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