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Standard binder

  • SüBit® – road construction bitumen

  • SüBit® – polymer-modified bitumen

  • SüBit® – temperature-reduced bitumen

  • SüBit® – oxidation bitumen


Special binder

  • SüBit® – colored hot liquid, transparent

  • SüBit® – colored packets already colored


Cellulose fibers for binder stabilization

  • INNOCELL FG 15, cylindrical pellets consisting of approx. 85% INNOCELL cellulose and 15-18% bitumen according to EN 12591

  • INNOCELL F 3000 – loose cellulose fibers. Also available in small packaging on request

  • INNOCELL FG 3000 – cellulose fiber granules

  • INNOCELL FG 3000 BIT – cellulose fiber granulate (bitumen binder)

  • INNODUR 40 AD - combination pellet for highly stable and easily paved stone mastic asphalt (40% fiber, 60% wax)  INNODUR 80 AD - combined pellet for highly stable and easily paved asphalt (20% fiber, 80% wax)

Asphalt colors

  • Different colors for asphalt coloring based on titanium dioxide, iron oxide, chromium oxide green. Available in eleven standard different colors, as granules as well as powder and on request, in various weights in low-melting PE small packaging.


Additive for low temperature asphalt (universal additiv)

  • Evotherm WM-30 is an innovative additive for the production and paving of low temperature asphalt.

    • Acts with 0.2% as a bonding agent.

    • Acts with 0.3% as a paving aid. 

    • Acts with 0.4% as a temperature reducer. 
      (Above values are based on total binder content)


Additive (Rejuvenator)

  • Evoflex CA-8/CA-3 is an additive for the use of high rates of reclaimed asphalt (recycling)


Adhesion promoter

  • IMPACT 8100 is a high quality product based on a completely new chemistry used in the production of rolled asphalt. IMPACT 8100 improves the bond between bitumen and rock as a solution to adhesion problems. IMPACT 8100 can be used in a variety of ways with a large number of rock types, especially with calcareous rock. Odorless and with a very good temperature resistance, IMPACT 8100 differs significantly from competitor products. Tests have been carried out and guarantee the temperature stability in the bitumen of IMPACT 8100 during a week at 160°C.

  • INNOGRIP® FLK 3 is a solid adhesion promoter with an excellent effect. By using INNOGRIP, adhesion between the bitumen and the rock is also achieved with rocks with a critical adhesion. INNOGRIP® FLK 3 can be dosed directly into the mixer or into the bitumen tank at the asphalt mixing plant. An addition to the tanker is also possible.


Wax based additives

  • Amide wax - paraffin-free and high heat resistance

  • Fischer-Tropsch wax - Targeted temperature and viscosity reduction, easier workability, optimized bitumen stability

  • Polyethylene wax - simple processing additive with easy incorporation and for temperature reduction, excellent price/performance ratio, suitable for bitumen recycling

  • Amide wax from sugar cane - ecological bitumen stabilizer, made from renewable sugar cane, paraffin-free, targeted reduction in temperature and viscosity

Rubber granules

  • RAR-X rubber granulate

  • RAR-X G (Reacted Activated Rubber) is a highly concentrated rubber modified bitumen granulate (GRM)


Grains/chips with F1 freeze-thaw resistance

  • Jura Yellow - Available grain sizes 0-2, 2-5, 5-11, 8-16 mm

  • Erzgebirge marble - available grain sizes 0-2, 2-5, 5-8, 8-16, 16-32 mm

  • Basalt - available grain sizes 1-3, 2-5, 5-8, 8-11, 8-16 mm

  • Red Granite – Available grain sizes 2-5, 5-8, 8-16 mm

  • Crimson Red - Available grain sizes 0-2, 0-5, 2-5, 5-8, 8-16 mm


  • As an aggregate for brightened asphalt wearing courses. If asphalt wearing courses with high safety and cost reduction requirements are required, a flint stone must be included in the asphalt mixture.

Ready-to-use asphalt release agent

  • INNOCLEAN AS VEG, biodegradable



Equipment cleaner

  • INNOSOL 190 - solvent based on native fatty acid esters

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